6 Kitchen Island Considerations

A big kitchen island is a lovely addition to any kitchen. But putting in an island, just to have an island, can place a large obstacle in your kitchen’s floor plan.

These six considerations can help you decide if adding a kitchen island to your upcoming renovation is the right decision.

1. Is there space for an island and foot traffic?

In order to allow for foot traffic around your kitchen island, it’s ideal to provide at least 36 inches of space on all sides. This allows two individuals to pass one another without feeling like they are hugging. Making sure you have adequate space for an island should always be your first priority.

2. How will you use your kitchen island?

Will your kitchen island be a space for food prep? Do you plan to use it for rolling cookies? Will it serve as a seating area for dinner guests?

3. Does your kitchen island need to provide extra storage?

Kitchen islands are a great way to create extra counter space and storage at the same time. This is particularly true, because cabinet doors and drawers can be placed on all sides. However, you’ll want to consider where people will be primarily standing and sitting. Avoid storing items you need to access frequently at these high traffic areas, as getting to them can be cumbersome. 

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4. Will you want to use your island to display key pieces of dishware?

Your island can offer an excellent location for displaying family heirlooms, such as china or silver. To give yourself some private storage and some display storage, you may find it beneficial to add a mix of open and covered shelves.  

5. What material will best serve your needs?

The material you choose for your countertop is best determined by how you plan to use your kitchen island. A butcher block is ideal for chopping food. If you frequently have hot pans that need to cool, a stainless-steel counter is a favorite for chefs. Marble is a go-to for pastry lovers. And, granite is a favorite for all-around durability and ease of use.  

If you’re worried about maintaining an all-wood counter, you may choose to have a wood butcher block inset in your counter. This can provide the best of both worlds.

6. How will your island work with your kitchen triangle?

One of the keys to an ultra-functional kitchen is creating an imaginary equilateral triangle that connects the stove, sink, and refrigerator. If your kitchen island significantly encroaches on these lines, it can disrupt the flow of your kitchen.

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