Let Communication Flow Through Your Home Design

In the digital age, we can communicate with someone across the world via the innumerable social media platforms, faster than we can call a friend on the telephone.

While this has revolutionized communication and furthered interaction in a global culture, what does it mean for afternoon tea in the living room?

By keeping conscious of venues of communication when planning your home design, your house will be a hub of conversation, social fun and catching up with family and friends. (And afternoon tea won’t be going anywhere.)

When furnishing a living or family room space, try to avoid distractions. Huge couches pointed at flat screen television monitors do little to inspire conversation.  Try arranging your furniture in a semi-circle around a coffee table. Display intriguing visual art and photography on your walls to inspire conversation when company is over.

When planning exterior design, try to incorporate gathering areas such as bbqs, an outdoor fire place, or other poolside attractions that bring family and friends together. With mobile devices, we’re always connected. Maybe forego a patio television set for a blank space where you may project movies or special events that bring everyone together!

By incorporating a breakfast bar into your kitchen design, the kids can hang and eat right when it comes out of the oven, or during a pizza party. When entertaining, this is a great venue for buffet style service and drinks!

When weather permits, keep doors and windows open, so like communication and bright ideas, the breeze will flow through your home openly and uninhibited.