Let the Sun Shine in with Skylights in your Home Remodel

Want to open up a dark interior kitchen or bath? Maybe you want to make the beauty of the open sky part of your interior design. Perhaps you'd love to relax by watching clouds go by without having to compact Tucson's temperatures. Skylights can help you achieve all of these goals!

When thinking of remodeling to include a skylight, remember to plan accordingly. The sun isn't just a bright light bulb in a fixed position—it moves across the sky depending on the time of day and season. With that into consideration, it's usually not a smart idea to place skylights in south-facing sloping roofs as they are more liable to overheat rooms whereas north-facing sloping roofs emit a soft, diffused light all day long throughout the year.

Even if you don't have the space for a beautiful skylight, you can still bring in the natural sunlight and save yourself on some energy use by going tubular. A tubular skylight has a small dome on the roof to catch the sunlight, carries it through a highly reflective pipe, and diffuses the light throughout the room. Remodeling with these fixtures can bring skylights to smaller rooms like a half-bath or a laundry room.

As with all things in the home, make sure your new skylight will look beautiful! A simple way to do this when remodeling is to make sure the skylight isn't facing the street and is aligned with a door or window so it doesn't look haphazard.

Skylights are a fantastic way to bring more natural light into a room that can otherwise not have windows. Bringing more of the outdoors in, skylights are a great way to feel connected with nature even when in the comfort of your own home.

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