Locally Sourcing a New Look for Your Home Design

Local is the new black. This sentiment can be applied to almost every aspect of our lives: Where we eat, what we wear, where we shop and how we spend our money. Supporting local businesses creates communities and revitalizes cities.

Going with a locally-sourced product over an internationally distributed brand name goes a long way as both a contribution to your community, as well as the character of the purchase.

Tucson is an artist’s haven. The Old Pueblo is home to a plethora of painters, sculptors, architects, interior designers (like us!), writers, metal fabricators and photographers, to name a few. Reach out to your community when furnishing your new home or planning a redesign. By going local, your home design lets you showcase the character of your surroundings and the charm of the community.

This will probably save you money, too. Why spend more on something that will be in homes all over the country when you can furnish your home with locally-made pieces unique to your home and region?

Going for a southwestern look? Tucson has a number of locations to buy vintage and handmade rugs, pottery and clay work.  For any of our out-of-state readers, stalk you local gallery scene and creative network for inspiration and contacts, try to attend street fairs and art markets.

Ultimately, the difference you will see in the finished product will be immeasurable as your home becomes your vision. While some furnishings and purchases might require a little help from bigger named companies, keeping it local on everything you can not only stimulates the local economy, it stimulates your creative new home design!

Ready to incorporate a local look in your home redesign?