Make a Great First Impression: Interior Design Front Door Tips

Before someone even has the chance to walk into your home and see the amazing new interior design you’ve completed, they will be greeted with the front door. This can often set the mood for the rest of the house, yet it often goes overlooked because you get tunnel vision and only make the inside look perfect.

If your guests are waiting in the entry way in front of a plain run-of-the-mill door, they won’t expect anything from the inside. That’s why you need to make sure your front door is just as great as the rest of your home so your guest can truly appreciate your interior design!

Making a statement with your front door is fairly easy. It’s not hard to make the door you already have look fabulous—you can simply add some bold paint into the mix. By using a striking contrast between the door and the rest of your house, you can add oomph to your entry way. If your home is white, paint the door black. If you house is a darker color, go bright with reds or blues. This will catch your visitors’ eyes and draw them right inside to your beautiful interior design.

Using symmetrical accents can also help accentuate an otherwise plain entryway. If you have a wooden door flanked with sidelight windows, keep the pattern of symmetry going by adding matching flower pots on both sides under a pair of lanterns. This framing will add just enough drama to show that you didn’t forget about the doorway.

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