Make Your New Home Remodel Energy Efficient

When remodeling your home, go the extra distance and make it energy efficient! There are many small steps you can take to reducing your carbon footprint when remodeling, but here are some of the simplest ways to make your home lean and green!

Air Sealing: Lock the cool air inside and keep the hot temperatures out during the summer by using proper insulation. Aside from traditional fiberglass, non-fiberglass batts, sprayed foam, sprayed fiber, and blown or foamed through a membrane insulation are all great for reducing your energy bills.

High Efficiency Toilets: Designed for water conservation, remodeling your home with these fixtures can save up to 8,760 gallons of water each year for the average family by using 20% less water each flush.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting: These lights are even more efficient than regular fluorescent—using up to 80% less energy! They can last up to 10 years longer than regular bulbs, so it's a great way to lower your spending all around.

High Performance Windows: Remodel your home with windows that have special coatings to better control the amount of heat gain and loss. Just because you want to bring the outside in with a gorgeous window doesn't mean it shouldn’t be insulated from the temperatures!

Solar Hot Water: In a climate like ours, it only makes sense to use solar when we can and water heaters are an easy way to bring some renewable energy savings into your home. Remodeling with solar hot water will not only save you money but you'll be doing good for the environment!

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