Open and Organized Kitchen Remodel

When you're redesigning your kitchen, you don't have to stick with the traditional lower and upper cabinets. For a unique look—and to show off your beautiful china without covered in delicious home cooking—an open kitchen may be perfect for you, and these ideas can help make sure it's organized.

An open kitchen usually consists of shelves right on the wall instead of behind closed cabinet doors. You can organize and store all of your pots and dishes right on these shelves and keep them within reach at all times. With the right look, they can pair perfectly with your lower cabinets and create a cohesive kitchen design.

In addition to open shelves, you can also add rails to your open kitchen design and remodel. With the right hooks and attachments, you can hang everything from cooking utensils and coffee mugs to pans and pot holders right against the wall and proudly display your culinary design creativity. Rails can also store containers filled with fresh herbs and even be an organized way to store your pot lids, freeing up valuable space on your countertops and lower cabinets. With rails, you can make your kitchen the ultimate hangout!

When it comes to interior design in any part of your home, it can really help to break out of the mold and let your creativity shine. All in all, as long as you're happy with the result, any redesign and remodel you create will be a great reflection of you.