Paint like a Pro

When it comes to giving your home a fresh, new look, often the cheapest and easiest way is a new coat of paint. Don’t let the ease of the job or the price tag fool you—something as simple as a different color can make you fall in love with a room all over again!

When you go about a starting a paint job, there are definitely a lot of things to consider. Staring at the thousands of color swatches at your local home improvement store is usually a bad place to start. Instead, look at things like your flooring, furniture, and decor. Eliminate all the color groups that would not look optimal with these things. After that, you can start to pick out minute colors in pieces of art that you want to hang and spots of color from the flooring. Grab the paint that best matches those. Most places will offer you small samples to test on your walls to make sure the color is perfect, and that’s a much better idea than just placing the tiny swatch of color against the wall.

Now that you have your paint, you’re ready to start! Make sure to tape off all the edges you don’t want painted, like the baseboards, place a tarp on the floor, remove switch plates, and tape plastic baggies around door handles. Don’t skimp on the primer—it provides a great base for paint and it will bring out the true color. Now grab your roller and put some color on the walls!

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