Quality Warranties Help You Stay Protected During Your Tucson Remodel

When considering any large investment, you do your homework, compare products, and weigh pros and cons. We at Eren Design and Remodeling know that no matter the size of the project, remodeling your Tucson home is a big decision. We also know quality warranties help you stay protected from incurring unnecessary costs for both products and services.

Why is a warranty important? Because a warranty is proof an enterprise stands behind their products. Companies will often offer the minimum warranty required by law (in some cases this is just two years). A minimum warranty should send up a red flag.  Do you expect an exceptional warranty when you buy a new car or high-end electronics? When it comes to the parts and work which go into your home, shouldn’t you expect the same?  We believe you should. This is why Eren Design and Remodeling offers a five-year warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s warranty on all products.

Have we ever had a warranty come into effect and help our clients? Definitely. Recently we had a Pella window fail. Because Pella installed it, they accepted the responsibility for its reinstallation. And, because we warranty all of our work, we repaired and repainted the drywall and stucco to a "like-new" condition. There was no extra cost to our customer.

While you are comparing not only products but remodeling companies, be sure to consider the warranty. Ask yourself, does this company stand behind their products and services? Have they proved it? If not, we suggest you take a good look at why. 

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