Raise the Roof with a Home Remodel

I bet you would love make your home bigger but you do not want to sacrifice your yard space. Maybe you do not have enough land to expand your house with an addition jutting out from your walls. Perhaps you do not necessarily need an extra room, but you would like to feel less cramped while you’re inside. Why not build up instead?

Raising your ceiling is a viable option of home remodel if you want to have extra room but do not have a need for an extra room. Instead of expanding your home from the sides and creating rooms you will seldom use, consider remodeling your home by raising your roof line to alleviate the feeling of being crammed inside a sardine tin.

Having higher ceilings will also bring in some added benefits besides just making your home feel bigger. With this type of home remodel the hot Tucson air will be able to go higher out of your reach, meaning your home will be able to stay cooler in the summer. Higher ceilings also can create a dramatic effect in terms of home design. When was the last time you saw an advertisement for a home that bragged about having low ceilings? Increasing your head room inside will not only create a stunning interior but will also help your home from being stuffy.

What do you think of this kind of home remodel? Let us know in the comments section.