Remodel Lighting Strikes

While dimmer lighting creates a relaxing mood and that’s how you should feel in your home, putting that strategy to play in each room is not the best idea. For instance, the bathroom needs to have brighter lights so you can get your hair looking great and make sure your makeup is perfect.

While less lighting can be more in the other rooms, if it is done properly, of course, that is almost never the mantra to live by for the bathroom.

It’s ironic that, even in a room where people need to visually inspect their hair and faces, bathroom lighting is often very dim and concentrated only in one spot. Instead of just having that one light over your head, remodel your bathroom and add some sconces around the mirror or a lighting fixture with multiple bulbs directly above the mirror. If you are adamant about not adding any more lighting fixtures with a bathroom remodel, consider another mirror to help bounce the light you do have around to illuminate the entire space.

To combat this harsh lighting, remodel your bathroom with dimmer switches. While you will likely never use the bathroom lights on low while applying your makeup in the morning, sliding that switch down can create the perfect relaxing mood for a late night bath before bed. Dimmer switches are easy to incorporate and you definitely won’t be sorry you did as you soak in the tub. A few candles here and there couldn’t hurt, too.

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