Remodeling Your Tucson Home When You Live in Portland

There are a variety of reasons you might remodel your home long-distance. It could be that you are getting ready to move to a sunnier climate, like the one we have here in Tucson. It might be that you are traveling and want the work to progress while you are gone. Or perhaps you’re updating your second home and simply aren’t there full-time.

Regardless of the reason you’re remodeling long-distance, it’s key to work with a remodeler you trust, who gets your style, and who provides open lines of communication

The 4 Keys to Living in Portland While Remodeling in Tucson

1. Get Recommendations From a Trusted Source

Always start by asking your friends and family if they have a recommendation they’d like to share with you. When it comes to any project, this is my number one piece of advice. Because more than any other resource, your friends and family are likely to give it to you straight. 

2.Check Every Remodeling Company’s Credentials.

Never enter into any remodeling project without checking a company’s credentials. Even with the best of design and remodeling companies, things go a wrong. Working with a credentialed business helps ensure you are protected. 

3. Have a Face-to-Face Meeting with the Designer

Designing a remodel is a very personal endeavor. You want to work with a designer who gets your style. This allows her to provide recommendations that enhance the vision you have for your home.

This is why it’s essential you have a face-to-face meeting with the designer. Get to know her. See how you get along. Does she listen to your needs and desires? Is she excited about the project? Does she have ideas about how to move forward?

4. Make Sure You Establish Clear Lines of Communication

Whether you’re traveling Europe or walking your dog through Portland’s Pearl District, it’s essential you and your designer can easily communicate. This allows you to stay up-to-date with how your project is progressing and lets your designer ask any questions that may arise.

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