Should I add a pool to my home in Tucson?

In most areas of the country, a pool doesn’t add a lot of value to a home. In Tucson, it’s a different story. Some might even say – a pool in our beautiful desert climate is a necessity. This backyard makeover isn’t just one you’ll enjoy from time to time. It’s the key to creating an outdoor living room you’ll love. 

Updating your patio with a pool is particularly ideal for yards that have enough space to also accommodate room to play and garden. But to do so, means carefully designing your outdoor space to accommodate all three.

That’s where working with one of the top design and remodel firms in the Tucson foothills comes into play. The best backyard pool layouts accentuate your garden beds, offer prime seating for those interested in lounging and provide space for activities.

What else should you consider when deciding if a pool is a good investment? These details:

Does it fit with the neighborhood?

Do other homes in your neighborhood have pools? Will yours fit in or will it be the only one on the street?

How will you maintain your pool?

When you’re considering whether or not a pool will increase the value of your home, one of the essential things to determine is how you will maintain it. Pools need to be cleaned and treated regularly. Some newer technology offers lower maintenance pools. Make sure to ask your Tucson designer about your options.

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Tucson Pool Design Tips

In addition to deciding if your pool is a good investment, you’ll want to think about how functional it will be for your lifestyle. Consider these questions:

  • Select a depth that will maximize your usable space. Consider how you will be using your pool. Do you plan on diving? If so, having at least 6 feet at one end is preferable. However, if you simply plan to use your pool for swimming laps and lounging outdoors, you might want a maximum depth of 4 feet. This allows the average height individual to comfortably swim and stand.
  • Create an easy-to-use entry point. Climbing in and out of the pool using a ladder might make you think twice about taking a dip. Rather, create easy-to-use entry point, such as a set of stairs.
  • Consider where you and your guests will shower. Lets face it – pool water can wreak havoc on your floors, furniture, and carpet. Rather than dripping all the way to the bathroom, make sure you and your guests can rinse off before heading indoors. This might mean creating a pool house or installing an outdoor shower head.

What Next?

Interested in looking at how to incorporate a pool in your backyard makeover? Schedule an appointment with our design professionals today.