Spring and Summer Remodel: The Outdoor Kitchen

Arizona is one of the few states where we are blessed with close to nine months of beautiful weather. Our winters are mild (albeit a few lonely snowfalls every now and again) our autumn is almost breathtaking in how agreeable the weather becomes. Our summers are a combination of dry, hot days, cooler evenings and the occasional (but always welcome) monsoon rainstorm.

All of this makes Arizona’s climate perfect for eating outdoors, nearly all year round. What does this mean for your home design? Outdoor kitchens, bars, breakfast nooks, and dining areas. Turn your backyard into an escape that will serve as a great place to entertain guests, get the family together for meal times or provide a space of calm and solitude to enjoy the morning coffee, or inviting Arizona sunset.

Try centering your design on the dining area. If this is going to be for family meals, this can include long stone picnic tables, preparation surfaces and perhaps even cooking appliances. There is no limit to how much or how little you want to put into this space. A covered poolside bar is a great place to serve up some chilled drinks for your friends and healthy snacks for the kids.

When planning your outdoor dining space, think about functionality. Nobody enjoys cleaning for hours when guests are over. Try to keep this space as low maintenance as possible, and you’ll maximize your appreciation for it!

For design and décor, look to the landscape for inspiration for a southwestern style, or be totally inventive: it’s your space, live it up!