The Benefits of Remodeling While You're Out of Town

Few things are more exciting than planning a home remodeling project. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, new kitchen cabinets or whole home remodel – dreaming about your updated home is sure to give anyone the warm fuzzies.

Unfortunately, few things can put a damper on that happiness more quickly than living through a remodel. No matter how quick your contractor is, how clean they keep the job site, and how quiet their crew can be – it’s still a construction project. Some dust, dirt, and noise can’t be avoided. The water and electricity might need to be turned off. You could lose access to key rooms – like your kitchen or your laundry room. 


No matter how hard your contactor tries, a construction project comes with a certain amount of dust and grime. That dust and grime can get into just about everything. If you’re living at home, that includes your living space.

At Eren we take every possible precaution to keep your home clean. This includes running a Build Clean air filtration unit, sealing off any rooms not under construction, and sweeping the entire area at the end of each day. 


From demolition to construction, noise is part of the ballgame. Nails get hammered. Cabinets get ripped out. While very few remodelers would even consider working during the evening, most contractors will want to work a full day. This can make it difficult to sleep in, if that’s your think.

Whether you’re living through your remodel or moving out, we have the same noise policies. Our crews follow strict working schedules to ensure you’re never surprised. And, we never listen to music while on site.


In most instances, if you choose not to live at home during your remodel, the project can move forward more smoothly. In large part this is because there are fewer constraints placed on the remodeling contractor.


When you work with a remodeling company your trust, one that is great at communicating, you’re able to travel and come back to a beautiful update. This means you get all the fun of planning without any of the headaches. Talk about delightful!

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your ideas and whether or not living through your remodel is a good option for you.