The Best Showerhead Wall Mounts

When it comes to showerheads, there are thousands of choices. From finishes and flow types to mounts and shape, it can be hard to know which is the right choice.

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you don’t need to select your specific showerhead from the beginning. But, it’s important to determine what kind of wall mount you want in the initial stages. Why? Because it plays a major role in how the shower is designed. 

To help you know what mount is right for you, we’ve outlined the most common types:

Showerhead Mount Types

  • Standard Wall Mount – The most traditional of all showerhead mounts, the wall-mounted style is, as the name would suggest, fixed to one location on the wall. The heads come in a wide variety of styles, many of which feature adjustable angles and spray modes.

Pro: Wall-mounted heads have fewer moving parts, meaning there are fewer pieces which could break. They are also traditionally less expensive.

Con: Less flexibility. For those who are tall, short or have limited mobility, wall-mounted heads can’t be adjusted to their desired height.

  • Top Mount – Also known as rain showerheads, top mounted showerheads are placed directly overhead. They either affixed directly to the ceiling or hang from an extension cord.

Pro: Many find the rain-type spray calming.

Con: The nature of gravity makes moving water up more complicated. The higher the showerhead mount, the more planning and plumbing expertise.

  • Sliding Bar Mount – With the sliding bar, each user can adjust the showerhead to their preferred height. This is often ideal for showers shared between multiple users.

Pro: Height flexibility.

Con: If the lock breaks for any reason, you’ll be left with a showerhead at a very low height.

  • Handheld Mount – The handheld mount allows for the showerhead to mimic a standard wall mount, while also being removed from the wall and held in hand.

Pro: The maximum in flexibility, they are particularly loved by those who have pets or small children who need help bathing.

Con: Some folks don’t like the look of a handheld mount’s exposed piping.

  • Shower Panel Mount – Panel systems mimic Jacuzzis. They feature multiple spray heads at varying heights that are mounted to the wall. Panel systems are highly customizable and can be used to give your shower a spa-like feel.

Pro: Spa-like feel.

Con: Because of the multiple showerheads, a panel system typically requires additional water pressure. And, they can often use more water than a traditional single-head shower setup.

Talk to one of our designers to learn more about which showerhead wall mount is right for you.