The Modern Southwestern Home Redesign

Let's say you love checking out homes with the southwestern flair. Earthy tones, natural furniture, and exposed wood beams all make you feel at home. Your husband, though, loves the sleek bold lines of the modern style.

He would rather have a cold, stainless steel kitchen than a warm wooden living room. It may come as a shock, but it is possible to design a home that both reflects what we all love about the Tucson area and the growing popularity of modern design.

Both modern and southwestern design make use of color in very similar ways. With a base of a lighter and more neutral wall color, they both set the stage for pops of brilliant hues to be picked up from textiles and accents. You can simply use wall colors like terra cotta, tan, or cream and replace the traditional bright Mexican blanket with a simple yet beautiful painting to get your pops of color.

Another thing both styles share is the minimalistic nature of the furniture. Keep the pieces simple without many flourishes and look for natural materials like wood and soft leather. Proponents of both southwestern style and modern interior design will be happy with the look and feel of these pieces.

The decorative accents are where you can have fun with combining the two styles. Find some traditional Native American vases and bowls, a staple of southwestern design, and fill them with fresh flowers and fruit that are the same color as your popping hue, something commonly seen in modern design. It's even possible to find beautiful paintings of southwestern scenes with a modern flair. Keep mixing and matching until you're both happy with the remodel!

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