The Tabletop Garden Remodel

Breathe life into your interior design with a tabletop garden. Trust us: It’s easier than it sounds. A tabletop garden doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be growing tomatoes or sunflowers from your kitchen centerpiece.

A tabletop garden can be as simple as incorporating some curly bamboo (which is believed to bring prosperity and good luck) into the kitchen via a clear vase, for that minimalist charm. Or, your tabletop gardening ambitions can develop with a new tablescape that reflects the changing of each season.

Structural fauna, such as the numerous species of cacti that are native to Arizona can become a coveted piece of your design. Display this “garden” with colorful pots on a reclaimed wood or metal surface for that true southwestern vibe.

Bring harmony into your home with a fountain garden. The calm sounds of trickling water will lend themselves seamlessly to an environment of tranquility and peace. Not too mention, the greens will liven up a room and help to foster organic communication when entertaining.

Let nostalgia take over with a grass garden. The fresh aromas, clean air, and simplicity of the green blades is a simple touch, but goes a long way in the bigger context of your design. As kids, the smell of a freshly mowed yard, or a field on a playful spring day become imbibed in our memory banks forever. We promise you won’t get any grass-stains on your blue jeans from this garden.