Three Great Avenues of Inspiration for your Home Design


PLUGGED IN: We live in a plugged-in society. With the advent of smartphones and the evolution of personal computers, we are plugged in at all times! The Internet has changed commerce, revolutionized publishing and re-wrote how we communicate in this global culture. The Internet also houses a treasure trove of design inspiration. From blogs like ours, or these, to apps developed specifically for interior designers and social networking sites like Pinterest, the Internet can offer a vast array of resources when searching for home design inspiration.

 ALL ABOUT YOU: Look to your past, present and future passions and experiences. Is Dad a sports nut? Maybe designate a space in your home that can be his sports-watching sanctuary. Did you grow up on the coast? Bring your love of nautical imagery to your home, anywhere. Perhaps Jr. is an aspiring filmmaker? Decorate the kids’ room with a cinematic flair.  By embracing ourselves and looking inward for inspiration, your family personality will shine through in your home design.

ALL AROUND YOU: Your natural surroundings are key to both the exterior and interior design of your home. Harmonious energy flows when our habitats are in synch with the natural habitat of the land. Tucson is a desert oasis with Old West flair, a shining beauty of the Southwest. Study up on Native American Indian lore and mythology, find out the history of the land and incorporate these into your home design to bring out the character of your home. Use the natural reds, browns and other colors of the desert as a palette guide for the interior and exterior of your home.