Tiling Tips for your Tucson Tub

There is almost an unlimited choice of colors, patterns, and textures of bathroom tiles, so you can make your bathroom perfectly suited to your tastes with ease. Since tiling your bathroom walls is a relatively easy job, even without any previous experience, you really feel even more connected to the finished product.

Before you begin you bathroom tiling project, you MUST make sure the walls are clean and dry. You need to make the wall surface as smooth and flat as possible, so remove all flaking paint and any wallpaper that may be on the wall. Now you can start plotting your tile position so you aren’t gluing and removing tiles haphazardly. Get creative with the placement and see if you can’t make an interesting design with different colored tiles!

Place your bathroom tile onto your tile adhesive and position each wall tile into the correct position using small sliding movements. Be sure you’re using a waterproof adhesive and grout since the area around your bath will get wet. Once your first bathroom tile is in position, place a spacer next to it and do the same with your next tile. This process can now be done across the whole bathroom wall. To make sure you remove all excess adhesive before it sets, you may want to wipe your bathroom tiles as you lay them and once they are all in place.

Now all you have left to do is wait for the adhesive to dry completely and enjoy the new facelift you’ve given your bathroom!