Timeless Tucson Kitchen Design

In the 1980’s your parents were so excited to remodel their kitchen. They added the trendiest harvest gold tile and avocado green appliances. 30 years later, when you go to help stuff the Thanksgiving turkey, do you cringe?

The latest trends can be fun. However, timeless Tucson kitchen designs and classic additions allow your home to stand the test of time. Think of strong elements in nature: rock, stone, pebble, marble, and granite. These give an implied quality because they are long lasting. When choosing colors, neutrals aren’t the only classics. Adding bright dashes of color to a kitchen, in small replaceable amounts, gives it warmth and the flexibility to evolve with time.

For cabinets, pick a simple style and a medium finish. Well-built cabinetry will last a lot longer than the finish. However, if you have your heart set on a specific shade - go for it. You can always paint them white if push comes to shove.

While plum or red countertops may seem like a hit, think of the avocado in your parent’s kitchen. Even though some choices can be dramatic, granite, quartz, and ceramic come in naturally enduring colors.

As for appliances, their colors range the gamut. While adding a burnt orange stove may seem fun, it will certainly date your space. Painting the cabinets may be a chore, but it’s more realistic than replacing the stove every other year. Think of neutral colors, like white and black, for appliances. When it comes to flooring, ceramic tile and wood are the "go-to" floors.

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