Home Improvement Tips for a Stunning Whole Home Remodel

The extensive renovations of a whole home remodel allow you to completely reimagine your living space. But, they’re also an investment. Keep the following tips in mind to make sure your update is as stunning and functional as you hope.

Don’t Overlook the Gas Meter

Are you updating your stove from electric to gas? Are you adding a gas fireplace? Is your outdoor space getting a second BBQ to accommodate large parties? The more gas-powered appliances you have, the more gas you’ll need. And, this typically means a larger meter. Increasing the size of your pipes and meters while your property is already under construction can save you substantially in the long run. 

Sound Control

While insulation isn’t as pretty as a new tile backsplash, it certainly adds to your quality of life. Namely, insulation acts as sound control. By filling up wall cavities, you can reduce the noise that passes from room to room. This is particularly nice if you have a bathroom near the kitchen or dining room.

As an added benefit, better insulation can help you keep the hot Arizona air out and the cool air-conditioned air in – making your home more energy efficient.

Remember You’ll Need Water

Sound like ‘duh’ advice? Perhaps. But, if your whole home remodel includes adding another bathroom or installing a soaker tub in the master bath, the water needs for your home will increase. You’ll need to consider not only how much water you’re supplied by the city, but also how much hot water your current system can manage. Adding a separate tankless hot water heater can be a great way to expand your home’s capacity without taking up excess space.

Give Your Electrical Panel an Upgrade

Whether you’re adding rooms or modern, electric-powered features, it’s not uncommon for your electrical panel to need an upgrade. This is particularly a good idea during a whole home remodel, as you can replace antiquated wiring and improve efficiency.

Ask Your Designer’s Thoughts

Chances are, you don’t design homes for a living. While you may have spent hours surfing Pinterest and reading remodeling magazines, it’s easy to overlook key details or opportunities. Ask your designer what they think. Here at Eren Design, that’s something we love hearing from a client. Because it’s all too easy for a client to not even know an option exists. Sharing our thoughts lets you know all of your options so you can make an informed decision.

Interested in a whole home remodel? Schedule a meeting with your Eren Design professional today.

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