Tucson Bathroom Remodel: How to Recreate a Space

Our team recently finished a full home remodel. We did a lot of really fun things within the existing footprint of the house by simply reimagining the layout. One of the biggest ways we did this was with the bathrooms.

The home previously had two full baths and one powder room. By looking beyond the structure as it was, were able to transform the space into four full baths and one powder room.

To give you even more of an inside scoop about how we helped our client achieve the beautiful and functional bathroom layouts they wanted, I talked with our Lead Designer, Kelly potter. 

Stephanie: How did you create the look for each bathroom?

Kelly: The client wanted each bathroom to have its own look, but be cohesive in the house. So as we made our tile and cabinet decisions, we choose items that belonged together, but were uniquely different.

Stephanie: Are there any special features in the bathroom that are unique to this house?

Kelly: One special feature in the master bath is an in-drawer outlet. This allows the client to keep her hair dryer and curling iron plugged in. 

Another feature in the master bath is that we completely reconfigured the floor plan. It was a very unusual space before we got there. We put in a large window; a nice free-standing, cast iron tub that allows the clients to relax and soak in the views; and then a nice, sizeable two-person shower.

Stephanie: What was the design like before?

Kelly: Previously there had been a massively oversized tub, a very small shower, and a very small vanity. So we completely reconfigured the bath to make it more functional.

In the other bathrooms, there had been one very large bathroom that was shared by two bedrooms. So we split that into two smaller bathrooms. This gave each bedroom its own private bathroom.

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