Tucson Bathroom Remodeling: Using Tile On Bathroom Walls

The more areas you tile during your Tucson bathroom remodeling project, the more industrial and functional your bathroom could end up looking.  The key is finding the right balance between form and function.

Teak tiles and glass tiles are great for smaller bathrooms because they're reflective. Keeping tiles just to areas that need waterproofing will give your bathroom a more relaxed feel - then you can paint the walls install wood panelling, or hang waterproof wallpaper especially designed for bathrooms.

Decorative tiles, whether they're stone or ceramic, are ideal for adding colour to your bathroom, but keep pattern to a minimum, and don't forget they're not the only choice.

Take a look at some of these different ways that you might use tile in your bathroom remodeling project.

Cool & Functional
Mosaic tiles are still a top choice for bathroom walls. They're pretty, practical and extremely cost-effective. This Caribbean Blend mosaic tile is an example.

Little Details
Decorative tiles can make all the difference to your bathroom, especially if your other fixtures are bog standard. Just choose a pattern you won't get bored with too quickly.

For Feature Walls
Mix plain tiles with patterned ones to break up the monotony of a large area of wall in your bathroom. If you can't afford to do this on every wall, just focus on one and make it a feature.

Spa Room Chic                                                                         

Porcelain will look great on your walls  (and on the floor too, if you go for a wet room) and will last an age. These tiles are frost and stain-resistant, and therefore, super-tough.

Luxury Walls
If bold patterns aren't quite what you had in mind, but you still want some form of detailing on your walls, embossed tiles are well worth considering. They come in several different colours, including white, if you feel that black is a bit too dramatic.

Tile Works Well With Damp                                               

Apart from its beauty, another very important reason, even here in the relatively dry desert of Arizona, dampness and mold can still be a challenge in bathrooms, and can degrade the room as well as creating health and hygiene concerns.  Tile works well with damp!