Tucson Bathroom Tips: Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

There is something about big open spaces which makes you breathe more easily. Isn’t there? Still, I’m not likely to pack up, leave my amazing Tucson community, and move to the countryside any time soon. I want big open spaces inside my current home.

While I have done many huge, blow out the walls, expand the footprint remodels, there are some simple and elegant ways to make your home feel more spacious without restructuring it. For today, we’re going to focus on the bathroom. (Did you see that one coming a mile away?) Adding a frameless glass shower enclosure instantly makes the space appear visually larger because it is visually larger. It lets you to see beyond the main floor space without any impediment.

What other benefits does glass provide? It allows your decorative and unique tile to be visible. I know a lot of time and energy went into picking out the tile for my shower and I love to show it off. This also gives you the opportunity to marry your shower décor with your vanity, floor, and other bathroom details.

Additionally, some homeowners with larger showers opt for using large glass panels sans door for an even more open feel. This also allows for an unencumbered shower entrance because the shower floor can be flush with the bathroom’s and there is no door to maneuver around. This is particularly ideal for those who want to age at home.

Exploring the bathroom with you has been fun. This is the last of my bathroom series, but not the last of my bathroom posts. If there is anything bathroom-specific you want to know about in the future, I would love to hear. Leave it in a comment, send it over email, or shout it to me across the street if you happen to see me out and about Tucson.

Join me again next week as we look at more ways to reveal the full potential of your home.