Tucson Home Trends: Brondell’s Simple Flush

Do you remember your mom saying, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down?” I have always HATED that saying and consequently have always been a flush, flush, flush kind of girl. But, the principal of saving water was not lost on me.

I am a huge proponent of conserving energy whenever possible. Which is why Brondell’s Simple Flush system makes me so excited. It is the easiest way to conserve water in your bathroom.

Americans flush over five billion gallons of drinkable water every day. That’s a lot of water! Simple Flushuses advanced dual flush technology to improve the efficiency of your existing toilet without decreasing its performance. Most trips to the bathroom do not require a maximum flush. With Simple Flush you choose a half or full flush with the push of a button, delivering the precise amount of water for each flush.

This amazing device can be installed on nearly every standard one- and two-piece toilet. It transforms a 3.5 gallon toilet into a 1.6 gallon toilet, reducing your water usage by up to 50 percent. Think of the savings you will experience with that kind of water conservation.

Simple Flush is easy to install and incredibly affordable. Saving water and money has never been this simple. What are some of the ways you’re saving water at home? Are you also using Brondell’s Simple Flush? I’d love to hear all about it. 

This is just one of my favorite bathroom upgrades. Join me again next week as we explore another.