Tucson Home Trends: Daylight Lighting and Stunning Views

The sunset in Tucson is one of my favorite things. Don’t you just love enjoying a glass of wine and watching the hills glow pink and orange? Many homes I see have stunning views. Unfortunately, I find early construction often failed to take advantage of the natural scenery.

Small, high set windows and poorly oriented rooms can easily limit views. Yes, curb appeal is incredibly important. But, don’t you spend more time inside your home than staring at it from the street? During your remodel, take advantage of your views with larger, well placed windows.

While larger windows turn walls into landscape framing, that’s not all they do. Beyond the stunning views, they create a naturally lit daylight environment. How often do you feel stuck indoors? Natural light will help you feel less isolated from nature. Utilizing daylight also allows you to cut back on you carbon footprint. You will use far less energy by keeping the blinds open.

Daylight can vary in intensity and duration. In Tucson, we are lucky to enjoy an average of 350 sunny days a year. For the brightest days, blinds and sheer lighting filters allow you to control how much light (and heat) you are letting in. Opening your home to the natural beauty of daylight doesn’t mean you can’t have a quick escape from the heat outside.

Also consider your room placement. Are you a morning person? Putting your bedroom in the southeast corner of your home will help you start your day on the sunny side. Your kitchen and breakfast rooms complete this corner, allowing you to brew your coffee with the morning’s light. Perhaps you’re a night owl. Consider placing your bedroom on the west side of your home, letting it cool off before you hit the hay. Do you ever telecommute? By placing your office on the north side, you can take advantage of the daylights most uniform light.

With larger windows and well-placed rooms you wont miss out on your stunning views and natural light.