Tucson Home Trends: Motorized Window Treatments

Did you know that with a touch of a button you can make your blinds, shades or drapery move electronically? Sound like something for the rich and famous – well, think again.  There are many reasons why you might want and need motorized window treatments.

Here are some: 

Safety:  If you have ever had to climb into a “garden tub” to operate your blinds or use a ladder to get to high windows, you know how dangerous that can be.  Blind cords can be a hazard to children and pets. In these situations, motorization can keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Security:  Do you come home late at night or gone for months at a time? Timers can control the treatments to open and close giving the appearance of habitation. 

Energy Savings:  Timers and or Sun Sensors can operate your shades even when you are not home and can be set to open and close to take advantage of or block incoming heat as needed saving you costly heating and ac costs. 

Accessibility:  The aged and handicapped sometimes have trouble with blind cord controls, but simple up/down buttons can give them independence in light control and privacy.

We can help you to decide exactly what system will work best for your needs. Some window treatments can be powered by small battery motors, others might need a little more power and use plug in transformers or even hardwired options.  Erens Design features the BDD Sonoran, and Kirsch brand of window treatments to choose from.  Let us be your “window” into motorized shading products.

By guest author - Kim Rajunis ofBDD Inc.