Tucson Home Trends: Pella Window Coverings

Maximum Privacy – Maximum Light

How do you take advantage of your kids being out of town? Do you ever hop out of the shower and run to the kitchen in you birthday suit for a cup of coffee? Chances are, you don’t want to flash the world. I certainly don’t! Which is just one of the reasons Pella makes my favorite window coverings. While heavy drapes can also keep prying eyes at bay, they also keep out all the sunlight. Pella makes a variety of user friendly, privacy first solutions. Here are some of my favorite Pella features and types of window coverings:

Favorite Features


Are you constantly cleaning your blinds? Between-the-glass window fashions are tucked between panes of glass. This keeps them protected from dust, damage, and little hands.


The raise-and-lower feature allows you to pull your blinds up from the bottom or down from the top. This is particularly ideal in the bathroom and bedroom.

Cordless Design

The cordless design of Pella shades and blinds works with easy-to-operate raise, lower, and tilt levers. This feature is extremely important for homes with small children and pets. Hanging cords can be dangerous if a little loved one is caught in them.

Snap In and Out

Don’t worry about redecorating a room around your blind’s color scheme. The snap in and out feature allows you to change blinds or decorative panels easily.

Favorite Types


SlimShades offer the look of a contemporary blind. They are available a range of 10 colors.

Fabric Shades

Fabric Shades give your home a softer look. They come in your choice of 15 colors and have a white fabric exterior to give your home a uniform look from the street.

Decorative Panels

When you’re looking for unflinching privacy without complete darkness, decorative panels are just the thing. The panels allow light to shine through, while still obscuring your neighbor’s view. Though they don’t offer the same raise-and-lower feature as blinds or shades, their snap in and out technology makes them easy to change.