Tucson Home Trends: Steam Showers

I am not a person who recommends products that may be a passing trend. Recently one of clients inquired about adding a steam shower to their Master Bath, but they had a concern that installing one might be…a passing trend. When it comes to at-home steam showers, I am all about them.

As much fun as spa dates are, I rarely have the time. Not to mention, the spa is expensive!

What is a steam shower? If I had to describe it in one word, I would say relaxing. But it is so much more. The gentle heat relieves my stiff joints and sore muscles. It improves my blood circulation and sinus congestion.

(Throughout history, steam has also been used to help with various other health issues including: respiratory disease, cleansing your body of toxins, stimulating immune system, improving skin tone, and increasing flexibility.)

How does a steam shower work? A steam shower utilizes a steam generator to produce water vapor which is dispersed around your body. The self-contained enclosure prevents vapor from escaping into the rest of your bathroom.

Could you crank up your traditional shower and fill the bathroom with wet, hot air? Yes, but I’d advise against it. Soon, you will be likely to find damaged drywall, paint, and wallpaper.

To give your steam shower an additional spa-like feel, add a drop or two of your favorite aromatherapy essence. I hear rave reviews of how refreshing  eucalyptus and evergreen are.

We recently installed a steam shower for a client and they love it! What are some of your favorite bathroom upgrades for your Tucson home? Join me again next week to learn more about mine.

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