Strategic Tips for Successful Tucson Kitchen Cabinet Updates When You're Out of Town

How to Successfully Update Your Tucson Kitchen Cabinets While You're Out of Town

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a kitchen cabinet update, any home remodel brings with it a level of stress, mess, and general interruption to your daily routine.

Rather than stick around for the hammering and drilling, more and more homeowners are opting to make strategic updates while they’re out of town. In the age of smartphones, video chat, and text messages, it’s never been easier to navigate your remodel long distance.

In fact, it’s a process our Tucson design and remodeling team has been perfecting for more than 30 years. Even before smartphones, we were working with clients to make updates while they were out of town.

Kitchen cabinet updates are among the easiest long-distance remodeling projects, as they rarely include structural changes to the home, electrical work or updates to the plumbing.

We use the following tips and strategies to successfully give you the function and storage you want in your kitchen while you’re away.

Pick a Design & Remodel Firm You Trust

Pick a Design & Remodel Firm You Trust

Remodeling your home is incredibly personal. Decisions aren’t just about what’s functional. They are often a matter of taste. What’s aesthetically pleasing to one person, won’t necessarily be right for you.

Working with a design and remodeling firm you trust allows you to get professional insight that matches your wants and needs. This is especially important when you’re remodeling long distance. Some decisions are hard to make when all you have to go on is a digital picture.

An experienced designer who understands your preferences and has an eye for detail can give you peace of mind. Learn more about how to choose the Tucson remodeling contractor that’s right for you.

Discuss Your Storage Needs

Lack of kitchen storage is one of the biggest complaints we hear from homeowners. Some folks want to get kitchen gadgets off their countertops. Others are in need of space saving kitchen ideas for their small kitchen.

The good news is, there are a variety of cabinet storage organizers, accessories, and designs which can help you maximize your kitchen’s existing footprint. Items like a lazy susan, vertical tray dividers or toe kick drawers can maximize the space to store all your items.

The key is to talk with your designer about your wants and needs from the beginning. Discover our favorite kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

Pick Your Cabinets in Advance

Having discussed your wants and needs, work with your designer to pick your cabinets before you head out of town. This will allow you to see samples in person, compare paint colors, and test out features.

This step also helps your designer get to know your preferences. In the event you need to change a design feature while you’re gone, your designer can give you practical insight based on what he/she knows you like.

Pick Your Cabinets in Advance

Establish How You Plan to Communicate

Video chat and texting may have broadened the world of communication, but they aren’t the only option. Email and phone calls can also be a good way to stay in touch while you’re out of town. You might even have a relative who can stop by to check on the progress.

How you communicate with your designer and remodeling contractor should ultimately be whatever is best for you. Tell your firm what you prefer. Ask them if they have any recommendations and why.

It’s also a good idea to discuss how often you’ll be checking in. The more you set expectations upfront, the less chance there is of confusion.

Set a Clear Timeline & Budget

When it comes to the remodeling process, timeline and budget are two of the more nerve-racking items. This is especially true for homeowners who plan to remodel long-distance.

You can substantially reduce these worry points by working with a design and remodeling firm that offers fix-bid pricing and has a history of finishing jobs on time.

Start Planning your Cabinet Update

Kitchen cabinet updates are one of the most affordable ways to makeover your space. It’s not even necessary to replace your appliances. Function and beauty can be added without this additional expense.

Schedule a consultation to begin exploring your options.

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