Tucson Remodeling Tip: A Laundry Room With Taste and Functionality

After a long day at the office, who wants to come home and see a messy pile of dirty clothes? Do you enjoy time in a dreary laundry room? Avoid the monotony of laundry by making the space enjoyable and functional with these laundry room remodel tips.


Keep it Close – With a laundry room in the kitchen pantry you have the flexibility to put a casserole in the oven and start the washer without running all over the house. Think of the time you’ll save. With an extra minute here and there, pretty soon you’ll be able to finish the novel you started two months ago.

Destination Drop Off – Save the headache of searching the kids’ rooms with a family-friendly drop-off center. Make the laundry room a destination for all things dirty so kids (and messy husbands) can kick off wet gear without cluttering the house.

Elegant, Calm, or Pizzazz

A Touch of Elegance – Replace the institutionalized laundry room with an elegant space. Wood-finished cabinets and a folding station with colorful accents turn the hidden room into a gem.

In Need of Calm and Quiet – Soft colors and quiet machines transform your hectic laundry room into a relaxing space.

Looking For Some Pizzazz – Kick the mundane laundry room out with big bold colors. Folding laundry may make you yawn, but a bright honeysuckle will perk you right up.

Pretty Put Away

Dirty Secrets – Just because you know there’s a pile of laundry, doesn’t mean your guests need to. Use wall shelves and laundry bins with lids to conceal your dirty clothes until you have time to wash them.

Hidden Storage – Shelves and cabinets allow you to get laundry room supplies up and out of the way. They also provide extra space for storing clean sheets and towels.

Double Duty

Multipurpose Space – Add a built-in desk to your laundry room’s unused space and maximize its potential.

Everything & Anything – Give art projects a designated place, allow the rack of warm cookies to cool, and re-fluff your towels all in one location. The laundry room-craft room lets you choose when and how your projects are finished.

Mud Room/Laundry Room – Don’t say no to the messy soccer cleats and stop worrying about your gardening shoes on the clean floor. A mud room/laundry room is the perfect catchall for the chaos of everyday life.