Turning your Tucson House into a Home: Removing Wallpaper

Hypothetical time: You just moved into a new home. The floor plan is perfect, the kitchen is spacious, and the house has great curb appeal. The only thing that's not just right about your new house is the horrendous wallpaper in your living room.

Thankfully, removing it is an easy weekend job that anyone can take on and you won't even have to dip into your savings!

Step One: Score the Wallpaper. This job is really messy, so you'll want to protect your flooring with some plastic sheets. Start by scoring the wallpaper with a craft knife or a wallpaper scorer to help the water penetrate the surface of the paper. Make sure that you are just scoring the wallpaper and not the wall underneath.

Step Two: Soak the Wall. Fill a bucket with hot water and add a little liquid soap. Apply the solution to the wall with a decorators' sponge, starting at the top. Leave to soak for around 10 minutes then test to see if the wallpaper is going to come off easily. If not, repeat the soaking process.

Step Three: Use a Stripping Knife. If the wallpaper is still set on sticking to the wall even after several rounds of soaking, you can use a wallpaper stripping preparation. Using a stripping knife, make sure you get the knife between the paper and the wall so the knife is not digging into the wall. Clear the wallpaper away as you work as it will still be sticky.

Step Four: Use a Steam Wallpaper Stripper. If the wallpaper is very difficult to remove or you have a large area to strip, a steam stripper is really worthwhile because it makes the job so much quicker. You can buy or rent one from your local DIY store. Starting from the top of the wall, hold the plate against the wallpaper to loosen it then scrape the paper off using a stripping knife. Don't hold the plate on any area for too long as the heat and steam may damage the plaster.

Now you're rid of that awful wallpaper and you're free to paint the walls however you'd like!