Wash up with a Bathroom Remodel

An atmosphere of personal indulgence, which used to be the domain of day spas, is finding its way into master bathroom remodels. Limited only by imagination and a project's budget, standard master bathrooms are turning into customized retreats. The good news is luxury can be incorporated into any design and remodel, so don’t be afraid to go over the top and remodel your master bathroom into a lavish oasis!

Before everything else, you’ll want to take a look at your budget and be firm. Bathroom remodels can get expensive if you aren’t strict with your limits, especially if you plan on rearranging the entire layout. Once you nail down the price, be creative and make the budget go far by thinking about exactly what you need and what you don’t. If you’ll never use a giant bathtub, there’s no point in spending money on it. Instead, you can put it toward that luxurious custom shower from your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to think about and openly discuss delicate matters when it comes to the bathroom. Your master bathroom is much more personal than a kitchen and being able to be open about things like dual showerheads or a separate room for the toilet with your designer will result in a better bathroom remodel.

After the layout has been hammered, it’s time to focus on details. Lean toward the luxurious—like hanging that vintage chandelier over your soaking tub. All in all, remodel the master bathroom into your calm, quiet retreat to make every morning seem like a weekend at a day spa.

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