What’s Cooking in the Kitchen? Tuscon Kitchen Renovation Trends

Everybody wants a great-looking kitchen. After all, your kitchen isn’t just a workspace anymore—it’s a social room. Whenever you have a casual get-together for friends and family, where do people end up? The kitchen.

Just looking good, however, isn’t enough. We want our kitchens to be functional. We want them to work in a way that reflects our lifestyle. And that extends to the appliances we install when doing a kitchen remodel. That’s why we like dishwashers that are quieter. It’s why we put in refrigerators that use less energy and allow us to get water and ice through the door. But now there’s something new cooking in the kitchen that helps us with our desire to eat healthier.

Let’s face it; we’re hooked on convenience. It’s why we use our microwave ovens so much. But there is a new development that allows us to take advantage of our microwave’s convenience without sacrificing healthy eating.

There are now microwaves that have a superheated steam feature. These superheated steam microwaves can cook, bake, roast, grill, steam, and warm your food. Oh yeah, they can still defrost and heat up leftovers, too. One of the benefits of these new devices is that you don’t have to worry about dried up meals coming out of the microwave. Your food comes out of the oven moist and tender because the steam helps retain the moisture content. And you won’t lose vitamins the way you can with conventional microwaves because of the low oxidation this method employs.

So if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, take a look at what’s cooking these days. Healthy convenience. What a concept!

What else would you like to see your kitchen appliances do?

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