What’s in a Color?

When you’re standing in front of the thousands upon thousands of color swatches at your local paint store, remember that the color says a lot more about you and your lifestyle than you may think. Seeing someone’s home is like looking into their heart, and the color on the walls makes a huge difference.

What does your paint scheme say about you? Warm colors—like yellows, oranges, and reds—have a cheerful and welcoming personality. People who use these tones tend to be friendly and nurturing and love having their friends over. Cool colors—like greens, blues, and purples—have a tranquil and soothing personality. People who use these tones tend to be clam in a hectic world and treat their home as an oasis. Neutral colors—like whites, beiges, and greys—have a crisp and classic personality. People who use these tones tend to be practical and not interested in re-painting rooms every few years.

What does all this information about colors mean for you? The overall color scheme of your rooms will speak to your guests whether you want it to or not and you should consider what each color says before dipping the brush into the paint can. Think about the properties of each color and use the one that conveys the mood you desire.

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