Which Home Improvements Pay Off?

If you're sprucing up your home to make it better fit your lifestyle, the sky is the limit! If you're trying to make your home look better to perspective buyers, though, there are certain home improvements that are more profitable than others. Instead of going for the major kitchen remodel to put in granite countertops and updated ovens, that money could be better spent on keeping your house functioning.

As far as homebuyers go, most would rather see that the house was taken care of than a spa tub in the master bathroom. They're tastes may be different from yours, so it's likely your major remodel may alienate some perspective homebuyers. Let the new owners decide what renovations they'd like in their new home while you worry about the foundation holding up. Even though that brand new kitchen may look nice, the potential buyers know that the new tile won't look great if the roof continues to leak rainwater all over the house. This basic home maintenance will likely pay off more in the end if selling is your ultimate goal.

That's not to say that major kitchen and bathroom remodels don't pay off—those are still great ways to invest in your home. Buyers love to see beautiful cabinets and gorgeous showers when they tour a home so that money won't be wasted. The real concern is that all the basics are covered before the big renovations take place. After all, ensuring that your home is livable is more important than making it the most beautiful one on the block.

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