Your Tucson Remodeling “Wish List”: Wants, Needs, and More

One of the most frequent questions we field is: “What is it going to cost to remodel my home?” It’s a natural question and one everyone should answer before getting started on a project. But it’s a little bit like walking into a car dealership and asking: “How much does a car cost?”

The answer depends on which car you want to buy. It’s similar with your remodeling project. The cost depends on how involved the project is and on what kind of materials you want to use.

One of the ways that we try to help our clients get a grip on the scope of their project is to have them fill out a questionnaire that we call a “Wish List”. This simple questionnaire covers three areas and can help you set the parameters for your remodeling project.

Must Have: These are the elements that are absolutely essential. In other words, if you can’t accomplish these things, there is no point in remodeling.

Like to Have: This category is comprised of things that are not essential, but would be really nice to have assuming that they fit in the budget and you don’t run into problems with structural issues or zoning requirements.

Quality of Life: These are the features that you would love to put into your home if money were no object.

If you split up your remodeling wishes like this and then sit down with your remodeler, you’ll end up with a much more realistic budget, and you and your contractor will be on the same page about what your remodeling project will look like.

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