3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom through Remodeling

Does your bathroom seem old and tired? Are you sick of seeing the same thing every day? Do you want to liven up your bathroom a little bit? Here are three simple ways to give your bathroom a makeover through remodeling.

Color – Your bathroom will look refreshed and invigorated with a new coat of paint. Most homeowners select neutral colors for their home, especially the bathroom, but to make your bathroom pop, try a new color. You don’t have to go too dramatic; you can stick with soothing pastels, such as pale yellow, apricot or sky blue. 

Another option is to give your bathroom walls some definition with a faux finish. You can easily sponge on paint for a marble effect. And don’t forget the ceiling. A new coat of white paint on the ceiling will certainly brighten up the room.

Storage – If storage in your bathroom is an issue, one easy solution is to hang shelves on the walls. A few simple shelves will change the whole appearance of your bathroom and give you a place to store your towels, personal care items and even decorative knick-knacks. 

Flooring – Another area to alter for impact in your bathroom is the flooring. Many bathroom floors are finished with lifeless tile or linoleum – giving the room a drab or even dated look. Find tile, linoleum or moisture-resistant wood to redo the bathroom floors to give your room a freshened-up look. Remember to make sure your flooring choice is easy to clean and will complement the color of your bathroom walls.

When it comes to your bathroom, a few minor changes can make a tremendous difference in the appearance – and enjoyment – of the room. With just the right touch, it can go from dull to dazzling.

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