An Exterior Remodeling Can Update Your Tucson Outdoor Space

During times of economic turmoil many Tucson and Southern Arizona families are scaling back on vacation plans and sticking close to home.

For some of our clients that means a lot more time spent in and around the house. Rather than using hard earned money to take a trip, many clients are instead investing that same money into an exterior remodeling project that will improve the outdoor areas of the home and create a vacation feel at home year round.

As part of your Tucson exterior remodeling plan, consider how outdoor kitchen areas enhance the functionality of a back yard, especially in conjunction with the addition of firepits, spas, pool upgrades and other water features. For many families it makes more sense to invest in a space that will provide enjoyment and memories for years to come.

Additionally, small stand-alone structures can serve as a garden house, guest house, yoga or meditation studio, music room, kids play room, or even elegant and intimate backyard dining space. Sometimes, the ability to just enter into a different space is all it takes to feel like you've gone somewhere, and can offer a warm and intimate setting to your friends and guests as well.

Magazines like Dwell often showcase creative, design-forward, affordable and energy efficient options that can help you make better use of your outdoor space as well.

Dwell often presents "pre-fab" options as well, or pre-fabricated manufactured construction options, many of which are attractive and incorporate modern design. 

For any such pre-fab choices, you'll need a skilled design and remodeling construction partner to plan the space and hookups, perform the construction, and integrate your new space into your overall home environment. 

You can also take inspiration from the designs and ideas presented in a magazine like Dwell, and work with a design build custom remodeler to come up with your own very original plan for transforming your Tucson outdoor space.

You are always free to schedule an initial remodeling consultation to discuss your ideas and dreams for a Tucson exterior remodeling project.  We will work with your ideas, and bring many of our own, in pursuit of the best outcome for your family and your budget.