Before a Remodel: Quick Tips for Organizing Bathrooms

Let’s face it—our bathrooms are never quite big enough. As soon as we feel comfortable with the amount of space we have, we manage to fill it up again somehow and it starts to feel cluttered again. Keep these tips in mind and maybe it’ll stay the perfect size for a lot longer.

Organize your medicine cabinet. Throw out all your expired medicines and maybe consider moving things you don’t use often to another location, like a hall closet or under the sink. This frees up your medicine cabinet for things like toothpaste, mouthwash, and combs so they don’t stay on your counter.

Control your hair product clutter. Get a plastic tub for all your hair care products and load it under the sink. When it’s time to fix your hair, take the tub out all at once, style, and put all your supplies back when you’re finished.

Divide and conquer your makeup. Find drawer organizers to put all your makeup in different compartments. This will not only help you with organization, but will also cut down your time trying to find that one lipstick in a messy drawer.

Claim the space over your toilet. There’s usually a blank wall over the toilet, but it’s hard to find the right cabinet to fill it. Just by placing a few shelves, you can add an incredible amount of space for extra toiletries and towels. By adding more storage, you can make even the smallest bathrooms feel larger.

If all else fails you can go ahead with a bathroom remodel to truly add space to your bathroom and get the dream bathroom you've always wanted. Contact us below or go here.