Cutting Your Energy Bills, Keeping a Creative Interior Design

Part of interior design is visualizing a concept of your new space that will have a minimal effect on the environment, while exponentially reducing your annual home expenses.

Installing a pool doesn’t have to be expensive, heating and cooling a new space doesn’t have to break the bank and using your new laundry and utility room to its full potential shouldn’t be a monthly burden on your checkbook. By utilizing energy efficient technologies and being cognizant of the associated costs of new amenities, one can go far in a sustainable, sexy and superb new interior design.

LIGHTING: Lighting is a key element in design. Lighting is partially responsible for setting the mood of a space while highlighting the individual aspects of the room.  However the cost of energy is always increasing, as is the impact our energy usage has on the natural environment. By utilizing energy-efficient light bulbs and relying on natural light (something AZ has an abundance of) you can cut your costs while maintaining your style. Creative use of mirrors can bounce light to open a space.

AMENITIES: By using a washing machine that is front-loading, you are not only being more efficient with your energy consumption, this can double as surface space, offering a more compact presence than a traditional top-loading washer. The window in the door can be fun for the kids to see how clothes get washed and lend a modern touch to your utility room.