Genius Ways to Incorporate the 2017 Color of the Year

Don’t underestimate the power of green. It signals new beginnings. It energizes and inspires us to get outdoors. It reminds us Mother Nature is alive and well.

This is why we’re pretty darn excited for Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery.

A fresh yellow-green hue, it’s a delightful burst that inspires an active lifestyle. In most cases, we’re not huge fans of jumping on the trendy bandwagon. Color schemes are best picked by personal preference, not what’s hot on the runway. 

However, in this case, fashion experts and personal preference may be one and the same. These genius ways to incorporate “Greenery” into your home can have a refreshed sense of wellbeing. 

Throw It

Updating your throw pillows might just be the quickest color scheme mix up there is. Without dropping some serious coin or investing a lot of time, you can add “Greenery” to your life. A comfort-friendly home addition, pillows allow you to add splashes of a new hue. 

Grow It

Indoor plants offer numerous health and beauty benefits. They clean the air. They have been linked to improving focus, speeding recovery times, and reducing air temperatures.

Plus, plants are pretty. They give the eye a focal point that’s constantly changing. In the Tucson area one of the best ways to create an indoor garden is with succulents. These incredibly low maintenance plants come in a variety of shapes and colors.

They make great countertop decorations and centerpieces. But most unique is their ability to become a living picture frame. Because succulents have sturdy root systems and require minimal water, they can be planted in a shadow box and then mounted on the wall.

Light It

Looking to add some more light to your home? Swap your tiered lamp for one with a green base. Or update your lampshades. Bringing new items into your home helps your space continually evolve as you do.

Eat It

Whether you resolved to eat more green in 2017 or you just love apples, a big bowl of Granny Smiths will instantly add some “Greenery.”

Alternatively, put a bunch of cilantro and parsley in short flower vases with one inch of water. They’ll liven up your counter and your plate. (Like flowers, you’ll want to trim the ends before putting them in water.)

How else can you go green with your home? Let’s talk about some additional, environmentally friendly updates.