Home Automation Systems Add Energy Savings for your Tucson Home

Imagine you’re traveling in the mountains of Colorado during the summer, escaping the 100 degree temperatures back in Tucson.  All of a sudden, a nagging thought hits you:  “Did I remember to set the cooling system for maximum energy efficiency while we’re away?” 

You can’t call the kids or the grandkids; they’re all with you in Colorado!  Luckily, when you remodeled your home, you had your remodeler install a home automation system.  You pull out your iPhone and pull up your Control4 app.  Quickly checking your settings for your home ventilation system, you realize everything is as it should be.  You also quickly check to see that the doors and windows are locked and the lights are set to come on and go off to give your home that “lived in” look.  What did you ever do before Control4?

So what is Home Automation?

Home Automation is the catch all phrase to describe one of a number of systems that allow you to control just about everything in your house from one control panel, whether that panel is a wall touch screen, a hand held remote, or your smart phone.

What can you control?

  • Lighting.  Home Automation systems will usually give you control over all the lights and outlets in your home.  This allows you to program your lights for the greatest level of energy conservation.
  • Climate.  Home Automation systems will also allow you to control your heating and cooling systems.  You can check for your power usage during peak times and adjust accordingly.
  • Security.  There are many options available in the area of security.  Imagine being able to view your 24/7 video surveillance from any TV or touch screen in the house.  You can also use an intercom system to greet and screen visitors.
  • Audio-Visual.  This is where the fun really starts.  One remote control can turn on your big screen, shut the curtains, and crank the sound – all with one touch!  The possibilities are endless.

At Eren Design, we really enjoy working with clients exploring all the creative possibilities that are available with home automation systems. I’m curious, have you ever used a home automation system?  Or, have you seen a really unique application that you’d like to share?

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