How I Use Virtual (3D) Home Design Software to Help You Design the Perfect Tucson Home Remodel

When I first started designing interior spaces eleven years ago, I always had a strong desire to be able to show clients quickly and easily what their project would look like.  Even more importantly, I wanted to be able to show them the changes that they were interested in making in almost real time; basically, to allow them to play out “what-if” scenarios. 

“What if we move the kitchen island over here?  What if we change the cabinet style?  What if we coffer the ceiling?”  Now, with the help of some great software design programs and the cheap processing power available today, it’s all possible.

One of my favorite tools is Chief Architect.  It allows me to sit with the client and quickly drag and arrange walls, windows, doors, cabinets, and more in both 2D and 3D.  This allows them to become really engaged in the creative process, which I love.  If the client has a particular brand of cabinet that they are interested in, there is a good chance I have the exact cabinet in Chief Architect’s virtual library and I can drop them right into the design.

Color is tremendously important in the design process.  A different color scheme can change the entire feel and mood of the remodeling project.  Many times, a client will have a particular brand and color of paint in mind; perhaps they’ve picked up some swatches at a local paint store.  I can pull in the manufacturer’s catalog and drop the right paint directly into the design so they can see it immediately.

Of course, many times my design doesn’t stop at the inside of the four walls!  I’ll design the exterior and hard landscape as well.  Using surveyor’s data, I can show exactly how the sidewalks, exterior stairs, patio and pool area are going to look. 

Truly, I feel like what we can do when working with our remodeling clients here in Tucson is limited only by our combined imagination!  If you have questions about virtual design, please feel free to contact me at or comment below.

In my next blog post, I’m going to talk about my second favorite activity: taking clients shopping!