How to Decorate your Bedroom for Southwestern Living

Taking its cues from the desert landscape and the bright colors of American Indian handicrafts, Southwestern design marries comfort and style. Turquoise, brown, sand, red, green, yellow and orange are all staples in the Southwestern palette while natural elements such as wood, wrought iron, clay, and stone are perfect complements to this rustic style.

Even if you aren't starting from scratch, adding a few pieces to the basics you already have can bring some Southwestern flair to your bedroom and you can easily drive the cattle on home.

Paint the walls with your choice of colors from the Southwestern palette. Soft colors, rather than bold, bright ones, may be more soothing for a bedroom. Consider a soft yellow or turquoise or a neutral sand color. To add more interest to your room, paint an accent wall behind your headboard using a darker, complementary color.

Choose hardwood, stone, or terra cotta tile if you are replacing your flooring. If you prefer carpet, choose a neutral color and add interest with area rugs.

Buy wood furniture with a light to medium tone or work with what you have. If you already have dark furniture, consider refinishing it. If your furniture is white, you can paint it brown.

Add some leather to the room, in the form of a leather headboard, easy chair, or bench. After all, you can’t have Southwestern style without showing off the cows.

Choose your bedding carefully. Bedding with a Southwestern pattern can overwhelm a room. Consider pairing a neutral bedspread with some colorful pillows and a bright throw for the foot of the bed.

Pick out some wrought iron or stone lamps for your room. Bring in pottery, serapes and other colorful accessories to complete the look.