Low Maintenance Remodeling Tips

After 18 holes, three sand traps, and two dropped balls you make it home. Can’t you just imagine how good a glass of chardonnay is going to taste? And it does, for a while. And then you notice dirt stuck to the floor; a section of burnt countertop; and outside, the paint is peeling.

The house is a disaster. It’ll take more than a glass of chardonnay to make this right. Or will it?

What if you had low-maintenance surfaces which significantly cut down the constant need for upkeep? You may routinely come home a little worn from 18 holes, but your house need not also show its hard day. These floor, counter, and siding ideas are low-maintenance options for your Tucson home.

For Your Floor  - Tiled floor is a great low-maintenance option because it’s easy to clean and looks fantastic. No matter the material, it will need to be sealed and resealed over time. How often depends on the level of traffic in the room. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Saltillo is a traditional Mexican tile. The unglazed clay tiles are made from natural clay mixed with water. Dried in the sun and fired in caves used as kilns, no two Saltillo tiles are alike.

Travertine will give your floor a natural look. It’s often found at the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave. Available in neutral colors – white, tan, and cream-colored – it works well with most decors.

Ceramic tiles come in two basic types: glazed and porcelain. Glazed tiles are typically best for heavy traffic areas. Their glazed topcoat is extremely durable and comes in a number of colors and finishes, including non-slip. Porcelain tiles are ideal for bathrooms because they can be laid with virtually no gap. This gives smaller rooms, like bathrooms, a seamless look. 

On Your Counter

You know what they say – once you go granite, you never go back. Need a quick clean? Give it a wipe down. Worried about where to set the steaming casserole? Don’t be. Using a natural surface like granite for kitchen and bathroom counter tops creates a beautiful look with low-maintenance. As with tile, granite requires periodic sealing.  

Siding – How Your Home Braves the Elements

Stucco is an incredibly low-maintenance material common in Arizona and dry weather climates. Applied wet, it dries into a dense solid. The coating is used for walls, ceilings, and decorations. Even though stucco is a low-maintenance option, it does come with a few responsibilities. In our desert area, stucco on parapet walls commonly cracks. These cracks can let water into your wall structures. Thankfully, stucco-crack-repair is a fairly painless process.

No matter which low-maintenance options you choose, I highly recommend keeping a bottle of chardonnay on hand. After all, nothing tastes quite as sweet as something cold after a round of golf in the Tucson sun or a quick stucco repair.