Luxury Barrier-Free Showers Deliver Beauty and Safety

As with any investment, don’t you want your home upgrade to last? That’s what barrier-free showers are all about. They offer a beautiful design you’ll love, in a functional format you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

It used to be showers were often the size of telephone booths. They came with large lips that required a substantial step up to enter. And, they weren’t very well lit.

Times have changed. Today, the only reason we’d recommend a telephone booth-sized shower is if we’re trying to squeeze one more bathroom into a very small space.

Otherwise, we help you achieve a spacious shower layout. And, we always recommend barrier-free entries. 

Barrier-Free Entries Maximize Safety

In the remodeling world, today’s buzzword is “Universal Design.” Unlike a lot of trends that come and go, this is one that’s here to stay. Universal Design is the principle of creating a home that you can keep living in comfortably as you age and your mobility decreases.

(Despite my trips to the salon, I too am getting older by the day.)

One of the biggest arrears of concern as we get a little older is the bathroom – namely the shower. By nature, it’s a wet space where slipping is more common.

Traditional shower designs were equipped with large rims to keep water from spreading throughout the bathroom. However, those large rims can provide a cumbersome obstacle.

A barrier-free entry removes this obstacle and reduces the chance of an accident. 

Do Barrier-Free Entries Let Water Get Everywhere?

Nope! At least, not much if they’re designed and installed correctly.

Tile designs and installation have come a long way. Here at Eren Design, we work with exceptional tile contractors who are able to create a nearly unperceivable slope to your shower floor. This helps direct water down your drain, rather than letting it flow throughout your shower. 

Let’s talk about how to incorporate a barrier-free design in your bathroom update.

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