Make a Splash with your Kitchen Remodel

After picking out the perfect cabinets and the beautiful new appliances, it can be hard to think about more choices to make your kitchen unique.

Even though things like the layout and flooring of your kitchen are incredibly important, you shouldn't overlook the possibilities of a gorgeous backsplash! The number of choices for you kitchen backsplash is nearly infinite, but we can help you with your remodel and break it down into more manageable categories and you can stick with what you think looks best.

First and foremost is the most common—a tile backsplash. From ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone, even metal, the amount of choices in this range alone is almost mind boggling. While stone tiles can create a beautiful Tuscan kitchen, a glass tile mosaic is perfect for a modern design. Because it is so versatile, tile backsplashes have become the mainstay in kitchen design.

Aside from the common tile backsplashes, there are many other options to perfectly suit your designneeds. Sheets of stainless steel or panels of back-painted glass are gorgeous in modern kitchens and, thanks to their smooth surfaces, are incredibly easy to clean. Concrete is another versatile choice becoming more popular and can really enhance a kitchen that already uses concrete countertops.

Whatever your choice for kitchen backsplashes, we can help make it seamlessly fit into your home. Once all the tiles are in place or the panels are secured, it's time to really get cooking and enjoy your beautiful kitchen remodel!