Plan Now. Remodel While You’re Gone.

Planning during the fall and winter, gives you the freedom to remodel your Tucson home while you enjoy the summer in your hometown.

It’s no secret, remodeling your home can be a substantial undertaking. This is especially true if you try to live through your remodel. However, if you winter in Tucson and summer in your hometown, you can enjoy all the benefits of an update without any of the headaches.

Why is this a great option? Because chances are good you winter in Tucson to escape both the cold temperatures and busy life of cities like Chicago, Boulder, and Seattle. Here in Tucson, you’re treated to the perfect mix of city living and small-town charm. Living through a remodel most likely isn’t the picture of leisure you probably imagine. This is why we’re proponents of planning now and remodeling while you’re gone.

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Tucson Home When You’re Gone During the Summer

You Can Get to Know Your Designer Personally

As much as you may have embraced gadgets, Facebook, and texting with your grandkids, there’s no substitute for getting to know someone in person. Planning your remodel while you’re in town allows you and your designer to get to know one another. Having built even a base level of raport gives you the ability to easily communicate long distance.

You’re in Town for all the Fun!

The initial stages of the remodel are some of the most fun. You get to dream about the possibilities. You have the opportunity to take stock of your lifestyle in Tucson and consider what updates would really enhance your quality of life. 

During your initial meetings with a designer, you can explore some of the latest technologies that can add function while maintaining a classic sense of beauty.

You Can Pick Your Finishes in Person

Trying to pick every single finish and fixture from afar can feel difficult. Walking through showrooms with your designer lets you familiarize yourself with the available options.

When you’re working with a perceptive designer, this face-to-face time helps them get to know your likes and dislikes. It allows your designer to make personalized recommendations. With so many options available, it’s important to work with someone who can help you wade through your choices to find what you’ll really love.

You Can Skip the Mess

Remodelers using best practices run an air filtration system, sweep daily, and put away tools each evening. At the end of the project, a good remodeling company does a thorough cleaning. However, while the project is underway, even the cleanest of job sites have some dust and dirt. By remodeling while you’re out of town, you get to skip the mess.

You Aren’t Restricted by Living at Home

Trying to live through your remodel presents some restrictions. Namely, you have to design your updates around your living area. This can impact your ability to take out walls, rearrange kitchen appliances and change the layout of rooms like your master bathroom. If you remodel while you’re summering elsewhere, you don’t have to worry about these restrictions.

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